For over 150 years Lancaster, NY has been steeped in growth, whether it was welcoming the industrial age or the waves of immigrants longing to call the region home. The melting pot of many cultures and the inclusion of local neighbors such as the Village of Depew make Lancaster what we know it to be today. 

Lancaster and Depew may now be rivals on the football field but for years the two communities were known as The Twin Villages
— Mary Jo Monnin

The Village has always found ways to create community pride and provide residents and visitors alike the opportunity to experience Lancaster's entertainment. Local firemen parades used to pack the streets in the summer months and now the Opera House has become the epicenter of art and celebration. 

Years ago we used to have parades every week, sometimes three or four a weekend
— Norbert Adolf

Large factories brought jobs and residents to Lancaster, NY but the potential for the future kept them. As the third oldest incorporated village in Erie County, we've overcome damaging fires, industry shifts and still today retain excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and character. Through a blend of preservation and collaboration efforts Lancaster continues to make headway in welcoming new residents, businesses, and visitors. 

It is ready to add a new chapter to its already impressive history
— Mary Jo Monnin

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