Why Lancaster

Downtown Lancaster, NY appreciates the past while remaining focused on the future. Continued development is the key for a community that is dedicated to thriving. 


Our Roots

Downtown Lancaster is located within the Village of Lancaster which along with the Village of Depew makeup the Town of Lancaster. Formerly known as Cayuga Creek the Village was incorporated in 1849. The history of the region lives on as a result of the preservation efforts and historic designations such as the Central Avenue Historic District, that includes 17 buildings from the Central Avenue Business Community. Now with over 40,000 residents Lancaster, NY has become a flourishing suburb of Buffalo. Learn more about our rich history and see how Lancaster has grown!


Lancaster’s unique history blending with its up and coming spirit make me eager for the future!
— John Jones

More than a Village

Special events and celebrations are the spotlight moments of life but it's the every day occurrences such as saying hello to neighbors, watching your kids on the way to school, or even grabbing your favorite pizza on the way home that create the full picture. Downtown Lancaster provides residents, businesses, and government entities a space that welcomes them and values the quaint town lifestyle while recognizing opportunities for growth. Experience the pride of downtown Lancaster today and understand what it means to be something bigger than yourself. 

...without the historic charm and welcoming business environment we’d be just another suburb, but we’re not because the people care
— Paul Paterson


Beyond the Map

Nestled just outside of Buffalo the village carries that same level of community pride. Nothing is out of reach from downtown Lancaster. You can get a taste for local flavors, appreciate the rich narrative and experience a sliver of simple living with comfort and ease in Downtown Lancaster. Distinct businesses, excelling schools, and expansive parks provide the essentials for a vibrate community where each corner of the village feels like home. 


Yes, it’s just outside the city, but if you stay in the village you have just as many options for what you’re looking for
— Steve Smith

Next Stop: Future

Downtown Lancaster, NY has fully embraced its historic past, but never forgets to emphasize the future. The region has been a work in progress and only when new business developments and people come and find support in this community does the community evolve. Once a rural center, downtown Lancaster has diversified and become a contributing member of the regional economy. Lancaster’s population has seen continued growth since 2015 and produced vibrant and attractive neighborhoods. Downtown Lancaster’s eye to the future allows for innovation and the development of a strong and diverse business climate. Interested in becoming a downtown Lancaster business member? Contact us today to learn more about new opportunities! 

This community gives back. They recognize that the village must invest in itself to excite others about making an investment
— Ryan Roberts